Of COVID-19 and Starvation; Where is the aid?

Of COVID-19 and Starvation; Where is the aid?

Deji Ibileye

Just as we know that it just requires a single stick by the Fulani to goad his herds, it is not far fetched to think similarly of Nigerian politicians in this era of COVID-19 pandemic. Are you already thinking ahead of my write-up?

Nigeria unlike many other African countries has enjoyed frustrating her citizens even before she started imitating the West’s approach to curtailing the coronavirus pandemic. It is here in Nigeria that the politicians only start constituency projects when it is about time for the next election, it is this same country the government will be looking at the faces of the poor, suffering masses for tasking sacrifices, in this same Nigeria, where government establishment of ventures that can generate revenue is prohibited, same Nigeria where more than 4 million graduates old and new are finding it impossible to secure profitable employment, a country beclouded by nepotism and high-handedness.

It’s this country that day after day, the margin between the rich and the poor is forever widening. ‘How we take get here?’ has become the talk of many Nigerians in diaspora as well as a few patriotic, wealthy homegrown people who still have the love of country at heart. How the festering, messy situation of the country is auto-infecting is a talk for another day.

COVID-19 pandemic, a.k.a starvation is the reigning dilemma in the country. I found it very hilarious when a friend told me that COVID-19 is for the political/celebrity class while starvation is for the masses. This sounds silly but it could well be the truth if sincerely analysed.

At present, almost every part of the country is on lockdown with all markets closed, even movement restricted without any form of palliative. Then the rich and the poor can not dodge the two horrors. Who gave our government this stick to goad us alike is what keeps me thinking still.

In the coming days, Nigerians will run out of cash and food stuffs, without any form of aid from the state or federal government. We can therefore ask; Does government have sufficient graves ready to handle all the starvation-induced deaths that may result from it’s lack of vision and planning?

The simple appeal to our governments at the Local, State and Federal .levels is make palliatives available to the poorest among us and not just promise.

Deji Ibileye is an educational and environmental consultant. He lives in Akure, Nigeria.

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