Note to dad by Ada Akpan

Note to dad

By Awhonne Ogbonna

Dear Dad,

I will always love you for the great man you have become out of nothing; without mother or father, a poor orphan you studied, struggled, and fought hard to make meaning out of life.

I am grateful for the beautiful foundation you gave me, though engulfed in the fear of becoming a dad yourself you made your mistakes, with the mistakes I went through the furnace-like gold and at same the time, you gave me the gift of understanding God and that brought balance to my life.

It straightened me out and taught me how to make good choices in life.

You had a thing for goodness, honesty, justice, compassion, integrity, and the likes.

Because your intentions for me were pure, fear could not take away the shine in our relationship! And I shone like the gold you intended to make.

In place of seeming anger and frustration; Gratitude fills my heart today seeing what all those tough years has turned me into; A fearless, strong, independent, honest, trustworthy, caring mother with deep love for God.

Daddy, My beloved daddy! You are God’s Will for me! I can never stop thanking God for making you mine.

The path you guided me through has made me a proud and grateful woman.

The beautiful smile on your face during our last visit revealed your innocence and filled me with joy and has inspired this appreciation note……..


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