Adams Oshiomhole: A Cat with nine lives!

By IDEDE Oseyande

“The only time cowards celebrate is when they jubilate over the downfall of the brave”~ Osesky

It has become public knowledge that the only campaign material Godwin Obaseki campaign organization has, is that given them by Com. Adams Oshiomhole; when the veteran led the charge in 2016. Save for the bias and sheer hypocrisy, every right-thinking electorate would have ignored those rhetorics as it has become obsolete for obvious reasons.

Godwin Obaseki as at 2016 had no scorecard, hence it was understandable to anchor his campaign on the need to dissuade the electorates from voting his fellow contestant as by so doing, they will have no other choice than to fall to his side.

It worked well in 2016, not because the tactics was a masterstroke, but because the general in charge of the campaign led the charge effectively.

Howbeit, four years down the line, the sitting Governor is still using the same tricks without any form of enhancements. One begins to wonder if they ever learnt anything?

In 2012, when Adams Oshiomhole was seeking reelection, the opposition party had cold feet in contesting in the said election. His works spoke for him. Even his haters found it difficult to engage their conscience and say Adams did not improve the condition of things in the state.

Today, the emperor in charge is busy throwing accusations around and when he was asked to mention names, he kept mute. But his handlers are quick to share videotapes where his predecessor mentioned names. Without mincing words, if Obaseki is allowed to govern the state for twelve years, he still won’t match up with what Adams did in the first four years going by what I see today.

The man they openly vilify to cover their cowardice is the same man whose contents they are relying on to run their campaign.

Love or hate him, Adams is on a class of his own when it comes to bravery. He is a Comrade to the call and a comrade at that level is not new to the struggles that come with political interests and power tussle.

For those whose hatred for Oshiomhole would make them eat shit if need be, just to see him suffer, or humiliated, be reminded that he is a comrade with nine lives!

It is foolhardy for you to glory, else your joy will be short-lived.

Like I said before, I will say for the umpteenth time, the game of politics is a marathon!


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  1. Politics is a marathon but each decision/setback could affect the scorelines at the end of the marathon.

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