Disgraceful rot and stench at NDDC

The Niger Delta people and the nation were shocked beyond words when a former Acting Managing Director of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Ms. Joy Nunieh, appeared before a House Committee the other day and spilled on outright brigandage, looting and fraud committed by the men and women charged with developing the beleaguered region. As if that was not odious enough, Acting Chairman of NDDC, Professor Kemebradikumo Pondei, fainted when grilled during a session with legislators. Whether he really fainted or he feigned being sick is a matter of conjecture even as that act has curiously become a plot in most tragi-comic animations in the social media. But the melodramatic acts of the accusers and their interrogators were so absurd that no one was amused.

How did these men find a place in the corridors of power? What exactly is going on in administration that rode to Aso Rock on the campaign promise of stamping out corruption? Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Senator Godswill Akpabio also facing corruption allegations in this same mix, threw a bomb when he accused legislators of being involved in sleazy contract deals. Nigerians are intensely disenchanted by the behaviour of these political appointees.  They have not shown a good example to the young ones. They have denied people of the region any modicum of development because of their greed and lust for ill-gotten wealth. The question on the lips of everyone now is this: Is this the spectacle that is going on in other government agencies? Stealing public funds with impunity? Where is due process? Where is the fear of being caught dipping one’s fingers into the national till? If these clowns at NDDC and the National Assembly are representatives of the people who control the levers of power in Nigeria, then the nation is in big trouble!

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