Re: Osinbajo: Beyond the nostrum

I write in response to the article by Abimbola Adelakun entitled, “Osinbajo: Beyond the nostrum”, published on Thursday, July 16, 2020, in The PUNCH newspapers.

While the writer acknowledged at the beginning that the allegations “made by a blogger —  if found untrue… should be slammed with criminal charges to forestall future false publications”, one then wonders why she still proceeded to make further arguments and pontifications based essentially on the referenced premise of fake news and fairy tales.

More so, wide sections of the media also reported that the now suspended acting EFCC boss categorically denied giving Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, the alleged N4bn as bandied about by the discredited blogger.  Thus, it is baffling for the writer to then claim that “if the IG truly investigates and it turns out that the allegations are true, what will happen?”, when it is obvious that the falsehood has been established.

How else did the writer want the VP’s counsel to react to such highly libelous claim? What other route should the counsel have taken other than follow the rule of law?

Viewed against other instances of infantile contradictions cited in several of Ms. Abimbola Adelakun’s past columns, one is now tempted to wonder the motive behind the said article.

It is further baffling that the writer, perhaps to fill up space, chose to regurgitate already proved falsehood, like the claim that the Federal Inland Revenue Service gave “Osinbajo N90bn to spend on the 2019 general election.” The FIRS had debunked it, noting that “the false claims are entirely libelous and unfounded.” Also, a prominent national newspaper had to publish a retraction to the Vice President as it “discovered that the story lacks factual substance.”

It should be worrying to every upright citizen that outright lies and fake news are given any form of traction, no matter how subtle, by supposed informed writers. To what end? If respect for the rule of law and the rule of law is not put into account in dealing with fake news and libellous claims, then of what use is the rule of law?

Read the full article in Punch

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