The dead may soon become homeless in Kano

The dead may soon become homeless in Kano

There are concerns in Kano over depleting space for burial as major cemeteries within the state capital have gotten filled up after years of usage. Cemeteries like the Kofar Mazugal (Abattoir), Goron Dutse (Dandolo), Fagge (Blue care), and Tarauni have all run short of space for burial, and gravediggers in the respective cemeteries are resorting to sniffing out spaces in-between tombs to bury the dead.

Residents said if new plots are not allocated for extension of the facilities within the next few months, there would no longer be spaces to bury the dead within the eight metropolitan local government areas of Kano. It would be recalled that the state had, a couple of months ago, hit the headlines across the country over what was described as a mass death in the state’s metropolitan areas, which was later linked to the COVID-19 pandemic. When our reporter visited some of the cemeteries, most of the facilities were observed to have been filled to capacity. Daily Trust observed that all the footpaths and narrow alleys created within some of the graveyards for vehicles have been used up and gravediggers move around the tombs to locate unused spaces to bury new corpses.

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