Delta bans Navy SEAL who shot bin Laden

Delta bans Navy SEAL who killed bin Laden

Via Live and Let’s Fly:

Robert J. O’Neill’s claim to fame is that he killed Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan while a US Navy SEAL in 2011. He has turned that feat into a lucrative career as an author and public speaker.

But O’Neill received negative attention yesterday when he tweeted a picture of himself sitting on a Delta flight without a mask along with the caption, “I’m not a p*ssy”.

After receiving pushback like the tweet below, he deleted the tweet about five hours later.

Then later blamed his wife…

Via Washington Times:

The Navy SEAL who fatally shot Osama bin Laden is persona non grata on Delta Air Lines.

Former Team Six member Robert J. O’Neill wrote Thursday on Twitter that he had been banned for posting a since-deleted photo Wednesday of himself on a Delta flight without a “dumb ass” mask, saying he wasn’t wearing one because “I’m not a p—y.”

That caused Delta to ban him, he said.

“I just got banned from @Delta for posting a picture. Wow,” Mr. O’Neill wrote.

The airline had said after the initial photo went viral that it was “reviewing this event.”

“All customers who don’t comply with our mask-wearing requirement risk losing their ability to fly Delta

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  1. Thank you Delta for banning this fake hero. Who can confirm his claim that he killed Bin Laden? If he was on the secret mission, he should be prosecuted for exposing national secret. He is just a P&^%Y who is trying to get attention because he can’t sell any of his fictional books.

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