Scaramucci attacks Trump as ‘unstable,’ ‘despicable’

Former Trump Administration communications director says Trump is unfit to be president.

Former White House communications director for the Trump Administration Anthony Scaramucci strongly attacked US President Donald Trump in an interview with Israel’s Reshet Bet Sunday.

“He’s unstable,” Scaramucci said of the president. “He’s had a hard time pronouncing words. He’s having a hard time walking around. He’s a very angry guy. He speaks with a bellicosity of rhetoric that I think is unstable. It’s not normal for an American president to do that. He attacks his fellow citizens. Forget about going after me. I’m a big boy and a public figure, but he’s attacked my wife on his Twitter feed.”

“I would say to my friends who are sabras (native born Israelis) in the State of Israel: Would you let the guy attack your wife? I mean, of course you wouldn’t do that. For me, I find him to be a despicable person, and he is someone who should not be in the most sacred public servant job, the most sacred job in public service in the United States.”

This Story First At Appeared At The Israel National News

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