Wife seeks divorce over husband’s addiction to gambling

One Fisayo Akibu, a trader, on Tuesday approached a Customary Court sitting in Mapo, Ibadan, seeking the dissolution of her 19-year-old marriage to her husband, Abiodun over his addiction to gambling.

Akibu said her husband puts all his earnings into betting rather than to care for their children.

She said, “Since I married Abiodun in 2001, he has not performed the naming ceremonies rites for our children as expected of him.

“Worst still, he curses and shouts at me to leave his home.

“Please, give me custody of my daughter because I don’t trust what will happen to her in his custody”.

Her husband, Abiodun, however, gave his consent for the divorce but denied all allegations against him.

He also admitted to having some financial difficulties at some points.

According to him, his wife allows any man who is ready to give her small money to sleep with her not minding that she is married.

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