Nike deal means LeBron James will wear No.6 and Anthony Davis will take his No.23

Nike deal means LeBron James will wear No.6 and Anthony Davis will take his No.23

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It’s a time for change in NBA as next season all teams will wear the logo of Michael Jordan on their tops for the third kit, which will be provided by Jordan Brand for every team. That’s including the Detroit Pistons, arch rivals of the Chicago Bulls where he made his name.

Numbers will change too. Kevin Durant will take over the No.7 for the Brooklyn Nets, but most eye-catching of all is the change which sees LeBron James change to the No.6, with Anthony Davis taking on the No.23.

LeBron wanted to do so last season to help Davis to settle at the Lakers, but Nike refused to allow him to as the NBA insisted that they should be informed by March 15.

Nike rejected the change as they had already produced thousands of shirts with LeBron’s name and the No.23, with the news being followed hours later with the announcement that Davis would wear the No.3.

Now, they have given the go-ahead for LeBron to switch to the No.6 which he wore for the Miami Heat, which he also donned for the United States national team.

The No.23 has always been Davis’ favourite, having worn it for the New Orleans Pelicans and now he can do so for the Lakers.

LeBron is used to wearing the No.6, even doing so in the Space Jam 2 movie.

The change is still major news for fans and for Nike, as James is the most popular player when it comes to shirt sales, with Davis number three in the rankings.

The Lakers will also change some colours as a retro kit is being prepared to pay tribute to the first franchise in Los Angeles in 1960, in a light blue colour.

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