Sam Ojo, Nigerian film maker produces a Hollywood blockbuster

US based Nigerian film maker Sam Ojo

A US based Nigerian film maker is producing a Hollywood movie called “Alejandro” and it’s without a doubt another giant step forward for Nollywood and African film makers.

The movie is inspired by a true-life event that centers around a man’s random act of kindness that eventually becomes the answer to his most ardent question.

Alejandro promotes Nigerian culture, language, and values with the foreign actors. It is the story of a lawyer (Nigerian) who spontaneously applied for an allocution in a sentencing hearing of Alejandro – a Mexican man, who is considered a lesser man in the society.

The Alejandro crew on set

American singer Ne-Yo raved about the movie and gave ample encouragement to the Nigerian Producer, Sam Ojo, as the artists and crew were on set in the US filming the movie amidst the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In a video message to the film cast and crew, Ne-Yo praised their effort in bringing to light the issues in the film despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. “If this is about truly representing your community, then there is no way for you to not do it. You all have to get in there and just work hard and do what you know needs to be done and properly represent where you’re from. Best of luck with everything,” the singer said.

The project was filmed in the city of Tulsa with support from the city’s film board FMAC and the state of Oklahoma Film and Music Agencies, who provided access to court rooms and use of city streets and other facilities. There were exceptional talented cast and crew in the movie which was produced by Sam Ojo and directed by Emmanuel Ndejito with assistance from Mark Gullickson who also headed the sound team.

The director of photography was Todd Robert. Bryce Riedesel headed the Gaffer/Grip/Best Boy, Kat Ingram and Mandy Gross headed the makeup and wardrobe/constumier. These are exceptionally talented crew with enormous experience in Hollywood.

Alejandro crew

The movie will be featuring many known Nollywood actors and actresses with American stars like Claire Holts, Lydia Grays, Troy Powell, Joshua Pineda among others.

Sam Ojo produced and starred in the film. He played the role of a Nigerian lawyer who takes up the representation of Alejandro. The trial journey changed the lives of both men and their families regardless of the outcome of the trial. “The film is a triumph of courage between two men from different backgrounds who needed each other in their journey,” Ojo said. “We are happy to be doing a project that brings people together in the US particularly at a time like this, to see their shared struggles and common experiences”.

“It is my hope that it will engage many people about racial justice and class divides when it is shown in the US, UK-Europe, Mexico, Nigeria and all around the world,” Ojo concluded

You can follow the movie on #alejandromovie, and check for more details on the website and follow on facebook – alejandro movie for any update about this movie.

Alejandro is set for release in the first quarter of 2021.

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