Trump impeachment: Debate starts on ‘incitement of insurrection’

The House of Representatives started debating impeaching President Donald Trump for a second time Wednesday – a historic first – on a single article of ‘inciting an insurrection,’ just one week after the MAGA mob stormed Capitol Hill. 

Democrats said they were standing in a ‘crime scene’ and that Trump had to pay a price for a campaign of ‘lies and conspiracy theories’ which had fomented violence. 

And Trump’s Republican allies did not defend Trump’s behavior, but instead pitched censuring the president or launching a 9/11-style commission, more fitting punishments they argued for someone who was already leaving office.  


Wednesday afternoon: House vote on single Article

What happens next? Nancy Pelosi decides when to transmit Article to Senate. When she does, it must begin trial on the next sitting day and sit six days a week until it concludes

Friday: Earliest date Chuck Schumer, Minority Leader in the Senate, says trial can begin if Article is transmitted immediately. He says emergency powers can be used to begin trial

Tuesday January 19:  Earliest date Mitch McConnell has said trial can begin unless there is consent of all senators

Wednesday January 20, noon: Trump leaves office

What happens next? If a trial is under way, it can continue. Most legal experts say if it has not begun, it can, but there is a minority who say impeachment cannot continue if the president is not in office

Later Wednesday, at least five Republicans are certain to vote for impeachment, led by Liz Cheney, the number three in the caucus, who issued a fiery denunciation of Trump when she announced her vote, saying he ‘lit the flame on insurrection.’

Members of the House walked into the chamber past rows of National Guard members sleeping holding their rifles, while outside thousands of troops surrounded the building, the first time troops have been stationed in it since the Civil War. 

In the Senate, which will have to hold a trial of Trump in the wake of the vote…

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