Nigeria has failed, should start all over again —Nationalist, Amaechi

Nigeria has failed, should start all over again —Nationalist, Amaechi

Chief Mbazulike Amechi, a foremost nationalist, on Thursday regretted the failure of Nigeria to live up to the dream of its founding fathers and said the country should start all over again.

The statesman expressed his grief while speaking during a zoom meeting put together by Dele Momodu and Mazi Ezeoke.

He said there was a need for a new constitution in Nigeria that would allow all the people to say what they want.

Amechi said that was necessary because Nigeria has dumped the original constitution of the country.

“I am sad. This is no longer the country we founded. This country has to start all over again. You can’t beat someone and ask him not to cry. If you don’t like us, let us go. I don’t want to go, I believe in one Nigeria,” he said.

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