First ever trans pageant competition launches in Nigeria

First ever trans pageant competition launches in Nigeria

Organisers hope that Miss Trans Global Nigeria will create visibility for the trans community in Nigeria.

Nigeria is set to hold a first-of-its-kind pageant ‘Miss Trans Global Nigeria‘, a franchise of Miss Trans Global.

Miss Trans Global is an international digital pageant for trans & gender nonconforming people from all backgrounds created by transgender beauty queens and activists to raise awareness about the plight of transgender people around the world.

Miss Trans Global was conceived from past ideas and current life in isolation, 2020. Organisers say they decided to create a virtual pageant giving transgender women from across the globe a platform to “showcase their abundant talent, creativity and wits.

“We hope to use this opportunity to raise awareness for transgender women suffering worldwide who are struggling to survive at these difficult times of COVID-19 due to family rejections, homelessness, lack of jobs and earning opportunities.”

The winner of the Miss Trans Global pageant will be the spokesperson of the organisation and work digitally to influence positive changes in our community internationally. They will work closely with activist organisations such as TransValid, TransBeauty Magazine and many more to raise money, educate and inspire transgender people globally.

A spokesperson for the Nigerian franchise said that Miss Trans Global Nigeria is for trans women of all body types and that the overall aim is to create visibility for the trans community in Nigeria.

While registration remains open, a number of contestants have already been chosen to represent their region in the competition at which the country’s winner will be selected. The reigning champion will then compete with other national champions in Miss Trans Global.

Since October 2020, the streets of Nigeria have been filled with those demanding change. The youth and LGBTQ+ community in Nigeria have been at the forefront, outspoken about the EndSARS movement, sparking a revolution against police brutality.



The young people and the LGBTQ+ community of Nigeria have been sharing across social media the harassment they receive from SARS officers, the videos going viral, sparking more protests, and gaining attention from influential people all over the world.

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