Ex-Olympian gym boss spending £20,000 a month furloughing staff slams Boris Johnson

A gym owner who is spending £20,000 a month furloughing her staff today slammed Boris Johnson for opening pubs before fitness centres. 

Former Olympic speed skater Sarah Lindsay owns Roar Fitness transformation gyms which have branches across London. 

Appearing on Good Morning Britain today, she revealed it was costing her some £20,000 a month to furlough staff while paying tens of thousands of pounds in rent despite being closed for nearly a year.

The businesswoman, who counts celebrities including Vogue Williams and Piers Morgan among her clients, hit out at the government for failing to do enough to help small businesses during the pandemic.

She added: ‘I just don’t understand why health and fitness and wellness isn’t prioritised more – you’re going to be able to – and this is going to be a very unpopular opinion I’m sure – but you’re going to be able to go to a pub garden and have a pint before you can focus on your health.’

This comes after Boris Johnson announced his cautious roadmap out of lockdown yesterday evening, despite the vaccination drive surging ahead. 

In a hammer blow to many businesses, gyms, shops, hairdressers and pubs must remain closed until April 12 at the earliest – regardless of mounting fears about the economic meltdown. 

Former Olympic speed skater Sarah Lindsay owns Roar Fitness transformation gyms across London

The Government’s ‘socio-economic analysis’ of Step 1: How education and physical and mental health have all deteriorated during the coronavirus lockdowns


The Government’s roadmap admits that school closures and restrictions on face-to-face education has had ‘significant and adverse impacts on children’s learning, development and mental health’.  

By February 2021 half term, studies suggest the total loss in face-to-face learning could amount to around half a school year, with two thirds of a normal year lost if school reopening were to be delayed to after Easter. 

The roadmap…

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