Decoding ‘no flight zone’ over Zamfara?

By Yinka Odumakin

OUR parents out of ignorance over the demographic contradictions in the North were fond of saying: Gambari pa Fulani o lejo, Hausa lo pa Hausa(There is no case when a Gambari man kills Fulani as it is intra-Hausa feud).

We soaked the lie that the Fulani who were the last set of people to arrive Nigeria from the Futa Jalon were of the same status with the Hausa whom they deceived after the 1804 Jihad to accept “pure Islam”.

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The Hausa were gullible and killed their kings so Fulani could rule over them. Then the Fulani moved on the Kanuris who told them they already had pure Islam before the Fulanis.

The Fulani subtly dropped Fulfude language to fully culturally assimilate the Hausa by speaking their language. A Fulani in the midst of his fellow Fulani can codeswitch to Fulfude and the Hausa will not understand a word.

It was after they finished the conquest of the Hausa that they moved to conquer the Kanuri who resisted them and said they were Muslims before them. This is the reason why all Hausaland today are under Fulani Emirs but theKanuris are under Shehus.

It has been strongly suggested that the Boko Haram insurgency partly has its origin in the Kanuri-Fulani feud.

I recall how one Hausa young man was making progressive contributions at the 2014 National Conference. It was at lunch time that I saw a Second Republic PRP Rep who passed on recently scolding him on the corridor: “It seems we are beginning to give too much education to some of you.” That is the depth of contempt the Fulani have for Hausa.

The “next level” Fulani suzerainty has brought out the worst in their people in the two leading parties who now talk to the rest of us like Boko Haram and Miyetti Allah.

Only those who are not versed in the Fulani way would not understand the indifference of the Presidency to Zamfara school girls’ recent abduction. Much as Governor Bello Matawale tried to manage the situation, he was forced to make a declaration at some…

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