Teacher, 35, who flew back from Dubai is REFUSED permission to see her mother's body

Teacher, 35, who flew back from Dubai is REFUSED permission to see her mother’s body

British expat’s hotel quarantine agony: Teacher, 35, who flew back from Dubai to see gravely-ill mother only to learn she had died on landing is REFUSED permission to see her body and told to finish 10 days’ isolation in Holiday Inn

A teacher being ‘treated like a prisoner’ has slammed the government’s ‘complete lack of compassion’ after she was refused permission to leave quarantine to see her dead mother’s body prior to her funeral.

Mary Garvey is currently stuck in hotel quarantine after flying back from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates on March 31 to see her dying mother.

But she landed in Birmingham the following day to the news that her mother Margaret Garvey, who suffered from a brain tumour, had died a few hours earlier.

Her tragic passing rendered the exemption letter Ms Garvey was carrying stating that she was visiting a gravely ill relative totally useless.

Instead she was forced into a 10-day quarantine at the Holiday Inn Express in the Midlands.

The grieving 35-year-old has appealed to the government to allow her to leave the enforced-quarantine and visit her mother for a final time.

But the authorities have refused her request to visit the body and said she is only eligible for an 18-hour release on the day of the funeral, The National reports.

Ms Garvey told MailOnline how she began ‘crying hysterically’ when she switched on her phone after her flight landed to read the news that her mother had passed away.

The teacher said she is ‘very, very angry’ with the Government over her treatment – and hopes to be given permission to carry out the rest of her quarantine with her grieving family at home.

She said: ‘Border force were nice to me, but that might have been because I was hysterically crying.

‘They asked for an exemption, but obviously there wasn’t one.’

She is only allowed out of the hotel for an 18-hour window for the funeral.

But that would involve her 67-year-old father driving a 266 mile-round trip from Birmingham to York to pick her up and drop her off.

She added: ‘My father would have to


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