The necessity for Oduduwa nation

The necessity for Oduduwa nation

By Bayo Oluwasanmi

Yorubas are trapped in a vicious cycle of ignorance, poverty, disease, sickness, and death. There seems no way out. No way of escape.

Yoruba politicians – governors, senators, reps at state and federal levels – benefactors of the rotten system, join the Fulani at the helm to oppress Yorubas. Yoruba masses remain trapped in the slums. Because there seems to be no hope or no other escape, Yoruba youths turn to armed robbers, yahooyahoo boys. Yoruba girls turn to prostitutes. Both seeking an escape.

Our mothers and fathers, brothers, sisters, nieces, cousins, and uncles have become beggars and destitute. Many others turn to crime, stealing, gambling. Unemployment and poverty have forced many Yorubas into a life of crime. Our education system has become inferior with inferior teachers. Sometimes ago, a Fulani federal minister for education yanked History subject from the curriculum of primary and high schools.

Plum federal jobs are exclusively reserved for less educated, less skilled, less polished, less intelligent Fulanis. Highly educated, highly skilled, highly intelligent professional Yorubas are employed in the dirtiest, heaviest, menial, and poor-paying jobs. Yorubas fight over jobs that no one else wants. Yorubas are trapped in a vicious cycle of economic, intellectual, social, and political death. Fulanis have made Nigeria a hostile, dangerous, unlivable country. We have no peace. No progress. No pursuit of happiness. Nigeria is not safe for us.

We have been in this vicious cycle going in circles for the past 60 plus years, giving birth to children who see no hope or future; but to follow in our miserable footsteps. The Fulanis are misjudging  the times. They are underestimating Yorubas. They forget we are living in new times, new day. Yorubas are a new people. The old Baba so pe is dead.

Yorubas have no more fear any more. No more fear of anything. We are not afraid to go to jail. We are not afraid to give our very life itself. And we are not afraid to defend ourselves from killers and murderers roaming our communities. We believe in a fair exchange. If this is the price of freedom, we won’t hesitate to pay the price. This is the necessity for a Yoruba Nation. Our minds are made up. No looking back!

This article originally appeared in Sahara Reporters


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