Nigeria’s current mood favours president of Igbo extraction in 2023 –Abba-Gana

By Wilfred Eya

Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Muhammed Abba-Gana, recently spoke at an event organized by the Pan Nigeria Presidency of Igbo Extraction Coalition, Northern Nigeria Region(PANPIEC) where he insisted that Nigerians should vote for a a president of Igbo extraction.

You recently spoke at the event organized by the Pan Nigeria Presidency of Igbo Extraction Coalition, Northern Nigeria Region(PANPIEC). What did you take out from the event?

I was really pleased to be invited to participate in the historic and patriotic event composed of a gathering of great minds. It was also for the whole purpose of building a united, peaceful, secure, prosperous and great country, Nigeria. I actually was in the forum to reconfirm or restate what I have been saying or expressing in my interviews/interactions with Nigerian media/press for quite some time. I was also there to exercise my human and constitutional rights to form, hold and express my opinion which may not be, for now, the opinion of some of the members of the professions, associations, clubs or political parties they belong to.

Ahead of 2023, you have continued to support a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction; what is actually your motivation?

My support for Nigerian President of Igbo extraction in 2023 is based on the following ten well thought out analysis of the facts and matters in our dear country, Nigeria.

We definitely need Nigerian President of Igbo extraction in 2023 if we, at all care about and want justice and fairness in our political processes and governance affairs across the board in order for our dear country to endure in peace and unity, with security and prosperity, all inclusive and where nobody and no group is left behind.

The Igbo ethnic group is surely the most enterprising ethnic group in Nigeria. In spite of their size, the third in population, their widespread presence all over the country and as patriotic investors and change agents and innovators wherever they find themselves. But, somehow, they were never opportuned, like their peers, the other two large ethnic groups, the Hausa-Fulani and the Yoruba, to be Head of Government, like the position of the Prime Minister or the President. It was the death of President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua which created the timely opportunity for the minority Ijaw ethnic group to produce President Goodluck Jonathan to win for the 1st term. Late General Ironsi’s six months leadership is just a footnote in Nigeria’s history. It was unsettled government which burned out in transition like meteorite or shooting star. I don’t consider it as proper Igbo leadership in Nigeria.

As stakeholders and as citizens of Nigeria who live in almost every of the 774 LGAs of Nigeria, they, the Igbo have legal and constitutional right to aspire and get elected to the highest office/position of the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It is really a matter of worry that an enterprising…


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