Ringle, online English learning service with 1:1 tutoring, raises $18M Series A, Business News

SEOUL, South Korea, June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As Edtech startups continue to rake in investment with the newfound demand for remote learning, Ringle, the South Korea-based provider of one-on-one English tutoring lessons and a member of Born2Global Centre, has raised $18 million (KRW 20Bn) Series A funding led by Must Asset Management. The company started the round with $9M funding in late March and closed the round early June with a total amount of $18M, the second largest Series A funding amount in the history of English education startups. The company is valued at $90 million (KRW 100 billion).

Participating investors also included One-asset management, Xoloninvest, and MoCA Ventures. Over 90 percent of the funding came from investors that…


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