Electronic Vote Transfer: NASS has hidden agenda – Bishop Borokini

Electronic Vote Transfer: NASS has hidden agenda – Bishop Borokini

The Independent

AKURE – The decision of the majority members of the National Assembly to shoot down the move to approve the electronic transfer of election results has been described as a mark of hidden agenda.

Speaking on the development at the Thanksgiving service of his 65th birthday celebration at The Anglican Church of Epiphany, Oke-Ijebu, Akure, Rt. Revd. Simeon Borokini, the Bishop of Akure diocese, Church of Nigeria(Anglican Communion) could not see any reason for not approving the bill.

According to him, “For the National Assembly not to have approved the electronic transfer of votes, I think they have what they are hiding.

“Reasonable percent of Nigerians are used to mobile phones through which they do the transfer of money and other things.

“Definitely, electronic transfer of votes will work in the country unless they have hidden agenda. So, I support it because we are improving every day.

“The telecommunications masts have gone to all the nooks and crannies of the country. Only a few places are yet to have it and we can’t because of that stop it. I am in support of the electronic transfer of votes.”

Commenting on his birthday celebration, the elated bishop said: “I am very happy. Since I have been elected Bishop, God has been helping us. It is by His grace that we have been able to spend eight years.

“I became Bishop when I was 57. Now I am 65 years. It is by God’s grace for his protection, for journey mercies he has been granting me throughout our meetings in the country and outside. 65th is very significant, that is why I am happy today.”

The cleric bemoaned the dwindling socio-economic and political system in the nation, saying things have changed for worse.

He said: “Things have really changed. Before this time, we never thought Nigeria will become like this. Everything has changed for the worse.

“But with God all things are possible. We will continue to pray because it is our duty to pray for our country. We pray that the lost glory will be back.

“With the prayers of the saints, maybe God can mercifully look onto us again, that Nigeria will become a place where people will be happy. But now, we should not deceive ourselves, things are not right.

“Presently, there are so many things that are wrong with the country. The judiciary, those in government are not doing what is right. As I said during the synod, there is no equity, no justice and there is no peace in the country, no security and in a country where these are lacking, there won’t be progress.”

This news originally appeared in The Independent.


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