8 Countries where serving in the military can be pathway to citizenship

8 Countries where serving in the military can be pathway to citizenship

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The good thing about this option, open only in a few countries, is that if you follow the rules, you are guaranteed a positive outcome—unless you’re dishonorably discharged or caught in a crime during service.

For Nigerians who’d like to take their chances in a foreign army, here are some countries to consider.

  1. United States

    The US Army recruits foreign nationals who are permanent legal residents of the country. Also, immigrants from friend-nations can join the US Army as enlisted soldiers. Many Nigerians are in the US military serving in the medical departments, others in combat units. What is interesting is that as the US is increasingly pulling out of foreign military missions, chances are that such enlisted immigrants may stay on reserve without ever getting into battle. Why not apply?

  2. India

    The Indian army recruit citizens of Nepal and Bhutan originally, but now they also recruit refugees from Tibet and immigrants from African countries like Malawi, Uganda, Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, and others. One criterion is that the recruited person must have the intention of settling in India permanently. Other terms and conditions apply.

  3. Canada

    If you already have your permanent resident permit, you can easily sign up to the Canadian army. If the Chief of the Defense Staff believes that the recruitment is not going to harm their national interest, you will be accepted to serve the country shortly after you have applied. It is also important that you haven’t been involved in any crime prior to submitting your application.

  4. France

    The French army has a branch called the Foreign Legion, which was originally formed to protect and expand the colonial empire in the 1830s. Right now, anyone who has a clean criminal record and has a valid passport can join the legion. All you need to do is follow the due process involved in the application and, in a short time, you will be accepted to serve in the French Legion.

  5. IsraelThis is one of the countries with the toughest nationalization schemes, but you have a better shot at naturalizing if you are recruited into the Israeli Defence forces. The Israeli Defence Forces recruits non-Israeli Jews and non-Jews into the force. But the tricky part is that for you to easily succeed at becoming a citizen, you need at least one Jew grandparent. But this isn’t compulsory, only that this makes it faster and easier.

  6. New Zealand

    Recently we published a piece on the things that make this country special and truly, New Zealand is one country anyone would love to be a citizen of. Anyone who has been living in New Zealand for over 5 years can apply to join the army and in extension is on their way to becoming a citizen if they so desire. The process could take long and of course terms and conditions apply.

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