EXCLUSIVE: Critical Letter to Buhari divides NIDO Americas as members battle

PREMIUM TIMES EXCLUSIVE: Critical Letter to Buhari divides NIDO Americas as members battle

Premium Times

Key members of the Board of Trustees (BoT) of Nigerians in Diaspora Organisation Americas (NIDOA) have dissociated the group from the letter some diaspora Nigerians in America sent to President Muhammadu Buhari last month.

Dated June 6, 2021, the letter, signed by Eromonsele Idahosa, Yinka Tella, Moses Timta and three others, called the President’s attention to “separatist agitations in various parts of the country where tensions have boiled over partly because of persistent calls for reconfiguration of our nation”.

The 23-paragraph letter delved into issues of national security and restructuring, citing the prevailing perception that “terrorists of Fulani stock are being treated with kid-gloves while suspected Indigenous Peoples of Biafra and Eastern Security Network members are being eliminated extra-judicially” in aerial and ground bombardment of some South-Eastern Nigerian communities by security forces.

The letter also touched on the “need for Nigeria to adopt a real Federal constitution before the 2023 elections with the 1963 Constitution and the report of the 2014 Constitutional Conference as basis”.

But in a telephone call to PREMIUM TIMES’ America office in Washington DC, Obed Monago of NIDO USA Ohio chapter and Michael Essien of NIDO USA Minnesota chapter, who are also chairperson and legal adviser of NIDO Americas BoT respectively, dismissed the letter’s authors as “impersonators”.

“They are impersonators, they are impersonating me and that is totally unacceptable”, Mr Monago said. He based his claim on the authors’ use of the name ‘NIDO Americas’, maintaining that the name is only applied to the continental not country-based governing body of the organization.

The introductory paragraph of the letter identified the authors as ‘Nigerians in Diaspora Organization, Americas (NIDOA), USA’.

NIDO Americas is one of five continental zones that make up NIDO Worldwide, the others are NIDO Europe, NIDO Asia, NIDO Oceania and NIDO Africa. Each continental zone comprises country-based chapters governed by a board of directors (BoD).

Thus, NIDO Americas is the continental home of NIDO Americas USA, NIDO Americas Canada, NIDO Americas Belize, etc. In written communications, NIDO Americas is often shortened to NIDOA followed by the country chapter’s name (for example, NIDOA, USA) just as NIDO Europe is similarly contracted to NIDOE before the country chapter (for example, NIDOE Italy).


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