How an American stopped a potential vaccine mandate by employer

VeBee🇺🇸✝️ on Twitter: “BRILLIANT! This is how it’s done 👇 / Twitter”

BRILLIANT! This is how it’s done 👇

I made it clear through my lawyer I would be begin to demand the status of all other employee’s health condition in regards to other forms of communicable diseases. We would be demanding information on employee’s with aids, hepatitis, flu, STDs, measles, mumps, and so on.

My lawyer already had the papers drawn up so I could serve him the first day he tried it and part of the suit would be to force the company to make immediate policies to section off employees who had any illness they could spread, including the common cold. If they were going to take responsibility in stopping the spread of covid-19 in the building they were now liable for the spread of anything else.

Within 24 hours we were all informed that they would no longer demand to see our papers.


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