Letter To All Nigerian Students –

Letter to all Nigerian students

Opinion Nigeria

By Famuditi Gboyega

Dear student,

It has become a trend for newly graduated students to organise a special ceremony for the celebration of their academic achievements. So many activities are conducted to add glamour to these kinds of events.

One of the recently adopted means of celebration is signing or writing inscriptions on the body or shirts by students. Some write names of their friends, families or relatives while others write the date of their graduations. As the trend continues, students are looking for more appealing methods to attract attention. I will briefly give reasons why you should not engage in such activities.

Offensive Or Derogatory Inscriptions.

Some students use this opposition to send a hideous message to their school lecturers or the entire academic management. For instance, a reputable institution in Nigeria has recently formed a special panel of investigation after a graduated student was pictured wearing a shirt with the inscription “aggressive malpractice got me here”. The student never knew that this will generate controversy over her academic achievement. The pictures have gone viral and attracted the attention of the school management.


This prompted the management of the institution to form a special panel of investigation.

Shows Immaturity

Some people hide their immaturity within these inscriptions. You may have seen examples of these from people who write names of people they dated in school, others write motivational quotes full of blunders and grammatical errors. This is very shameful for a degree holder to be making such things. A whole lot of maturity and a sense of responsibility is expected from a graduate.

Some Inscriptions Generate Controversy.

This is another negative aspect of writing inscriptions. You may be a student who does not want public attention. But once you wrote something controversial and uploaded it across social media platforms, it will generate mixed reactions from thousands of people who click on your post. Before you know it, some of your family members will see it and become another issue for you. Therefore, if you must write something on your shirt during graduation, make sure it is something simple and positive.

This article originally appeared in Opinion Nigeria.


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