Pastor’s daughter leaves church to make £240k a month selling nudes on OnlyFans

‘I just wanted to be loved and appreciated sexually’:Pastor’s daughter leaves church to make £240k a month selling nudes on OnlyFans

A former pastor’s daughter has revealed how she left the church community to make millions as a porn star.




Nala Ray casts, directs and stars in adult films, which she then posts to subscriptions service OnlyFans.

And, she claims to have no regrets about leaving her former life in Illinois behind.

The 23-year-old, who now lives in Los Angeles, explained: “My upbringing was very strict. I am the middle child of five kids. We were all home-schooled, read the Bible daily and attended Baptist church every Sunday.

“When I was a teenager, my dad bought a church in Illinois and we all moved to live there and created a church community.

“The church dominated the day-to-day and as a pastor family I felt pressure to be a role model.”

Nala says she wasn’t allowed to wear makeup, sexy clothes, date or have social media.

The youngster would volunteer at church, soup kitchens and Bible study – and sex was certainly never discussed.

She rebelled by sneaking out to meet boys, admitting: “I didn’t sneak out for drinking or partying – I just wanted to be loved and appreciated sexually.

“One time I got caught after sneaking out.

“I was out with a boy having sex and all of a sudden my mum calls me at like 3am and I knew that she knew.

“She called the police as a scare tactic, but when I came home they just checked me over to see if I was okay and then left.”

Read the full story in Daily Star


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