Manager at Apple claims sexual harassment at the workplace. Weeks later she gets fired for allegedly leaking company secrets

Daily Caller

Senior engineering program manager Ashley Gjøvik was fired by Apple for allegedly leaking information, according to The Verge. Gjøvik was fired Thursday for allegedly violating company policies against leaking confidential information. She has written about accusations of harassment, surveillance and workplace safety on Twitter, The Verge reported.

“When I began raising workplace safety concerns in March, and nearly immediately faced retaliation and intimidation, I started preparing myself for something exactly like this to happen,” Gjøvik said, according to the Verge. “I’m disappointed that a company I have loved since I was a little girl would treat their employees this way.”

She claimed her coworkers put up a whiteboard that kept a tally of votes for ways to make her “life a living hell” after filing complaints with federal regulators, according to the Verge. She continued by saying that she was often excluded from important emails and that employees were being peer-pressured into drinking during work hours, New York Post reported.

She’s said that the building she worked in was located on a superfund site, according to the Verge. Gjøvik also raised privacy concerns regarding company policies on how they were able to search and surveil employees’ work phones, the outlet reported.

Gjøvik was placed on leave early August while the company looked into the concerns. She received an email from the company saying that she would be fired effective the next day hours later.

“We are and have always been […]


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