Man hospitalized with COVID-19 begs others to get vaccinated: 'Weigh the here and now'

USA Today

INDIANAPOLIS — When Mark Green, who has an underlying lung condition, left his appointment with pulmonologist Robert Klinestiver in July, the physician hoped he had convinced his patient to get a COVID-19 vaccine.

But Green, like so many in Indiana, had doubts, deep ones, about the vaccine, so strong that even an extensive talk with his doctor could not allay his fears.

When Green and Klinestiver next met about two months later, Green lay in bed in a critical care unit, battling a severe case of COVID. The 58-year-old New Palestine, Indiana, man greeted his physician wanly and sheepishly.

By this point, Green has no doubts about the vaccine. 

Pausing to take deep breaths from the high flow oxygen device to which he was tethered, Green said he would like to tell everyone to “just go get the vaccine.” 

He said there’s no reason to hesitate. 

“I didn’t take the vaccine myself because I was scared, the unknown, what would happen two or three years down the road,” Green said. “Once I got sick, I kind of realized, it didn’t matter what happens down the road. It matters what happens now. … You got to weigh the here and now or maybe never.”


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