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Facebook has a HIDDEN map of all your real-life movements – find it here

The Sun

FACEBOOK is tracking your whereabouts – and you probably didn’t even realise it.

The US social media giant keeps a log of your phone’s GPS coordinates and uploads it to your “Location History” buried in your settings.

What is Facebook Location History?

Location History is a controversial daily log of where you’ve been logged by Facebook’s iOS and Android’s apps.

The data is stored on a digital map that can be viewed through your Facebook settings.

You can turn your Location history on or off by tapping the blue slider.

To view and explore your Location history, tap View your Location history. You may be asked to re-enter your account password.

On Android, tap menu in the top right of Facebook.

Next, tap Settings & privacy > Privacy Shortcuts > Manage your location settings > Location history.

It shows what shops and other businesses Facebook believes you have visited, as well as periods where you’re thought to have been “on the move”.

You can search for specific dates to see what location data Facebook has logged on any given day.

The setting can be turned off through Facebook’s website and apps and you have the option to delete your Location History if you wish.

Among other things, Facebook uses your GPS coordinates to better tailor the ads that it shows you.

The company says on its website: “To help explore what’s around you, Location History allows Facebook to build a history of precise locations received through Location Services on your mobile devices.


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