Mother elephant stamps a crocodile to death as it stalks her calf (Video)

Mother elephant stamps a crocodile to death as it stalks her calf in Zambia  [Video]

By Darren Boyle 

Shocking footage shows an angry elephant stamping a crocodile to death after it stalked her calf from the shallows of the Zambezi river.

The large female African elephant violently attacked the crocodile in the brutal attack in front of a safari party in Zambia.

Tourist Hans Henrik Haahr filmed the footage while on safari with a group from the Baines River Camp, in the Lower Zambezi Valley.

The dramatic video shows the elephant stamping on the crocodile, which looks to be between eight and ten feet long.

As the crocodile thrashes beneath the surface, the elephant relentlessly crushes the smaller predator.

After a further minute, the elephant grabs the crocodile by its tail and lifts it clear from the water.

The crocodile does not struggle, suggesting that by this stage it is dead or mortally wounded.

Mr Haar, who is from Århus, Denmark, described the encounter as ‘shocking’.

The Baines River Camp shared the video, which was shot in August, on its Facebook page, writing: ‘Guests witnessed this dramatic sighting unfold between two of Africa’s most feared mega-fauna.

‘Perhaps this was a revenge attack fueled by previous ambush attempts by many a crocodile on her young or the greater herd.

‘Whatever it was, this cow was here with one intention only.’

The safari company added: ‘While this footage might be difficult to watch, it demonstrates just how raw and tough life is in the bush.’

This article originally appeared in Daily Mail


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