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Scientists could ‘reverse aging’ with poo transplants after mice age backwards in study

Daily Star

Scientists have discovered a potentially smelly cure for aging, after a ‘fecal transplant’ experiment ‘rejuvenated’ the memories and bodies of elderly mice.

Brain scientists transplanted poo from young mice into the guts of older mice, with some astonishing results.

After the old mice had a ‘smoothie’ of feces implanted into their guts through a tube, they showed some major improvements in their learning abilities, memory, and anxiety levels.

The study’s lead author, John Cryan, called it a ‘rewinding’ ‘rejuvenating’ effect. His team plans to use their findings to investigate the relationship between the gut and the brain in future.

Ultimately, they want to work out if the procedure can reverse aging in humans too.

Dr. Cryan said: “If people can keep their cognitive function better for longer, if people are less sensitive to infections and less sensitive to immune effects, that would have a huge impact on their everyday quality of life.”

Neuroscientists believe that gut health could be the key to understanding many issues affecting the brain.

Millions of bacteria live inside the digestive system in a ‘microbiome’ and create hundreds of chemicals that help with everything from memory to learning ability.

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