Bandits demand N150m from 70 villagers abducted in Niger

By John Adams

The bandits who abducted no fewer than 70 villagers from Zagzaga community in Munya Local Government Area of Niger State have demanded N150m for the release of their victims.

The demand is coming as the bandits on Saturday again abducted ten more people from the village at 8:30 am while the villagers watched helplessly with no help coming to their rescue.

Last Thursday night, the bandits made an attempt to invade the community on three days after the abduction of the 70 people, but had to beat a retreat when they were informed that security operatives were on patrol.

However, a source close to the community on Saturday morning told Sunday Sun that the bandits returned to the community at about 8:00 am yesterday, with about ten motorcycles and abducted another ten members of the community.

“They came this morning when we had gathered to discuss the way forward for the release of those that were kidnapped on Monday, and went away with another ten people.

“They parked their motorcycles about 500 meters from the community, came on foot and began to select those that they wanted to take along. They were asking for the names of some particular people, suggesting that they were working with some informants.

According to our source, the bandits called the community leaders to demand N150m for the release of the 70 people that were abducted on Monday, adding that “they told us that the money is for the 70 people, including the three nursing mothers that were freed because of their babies and a man who escaped on their way.

“They even told us to go and sell our yams and other farm produce to raise the money. They told us too that they decided not to disturb the community since April this year after dislodging the military from the area so as to enable us to farm very well to be able to pay the ransom.

“Their commander asked me that…


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