Victims of Walmart ‘Peeping Tom’ waited for him outside the restroom, Georgia cops say

Bellingham Herald

A group of men took matters into their own hands after coming to the conclusion someone was photographing them in stalls at a Walmart restroom, according to police in Georgia.

“The witnesses stated they and others waited outside the bathroom to confront the male,” the Griffin Police Department said in a news release.

“However, upon seeing everyone, he fled the store on foot.”

The suspect made it to the parking lot, got into a vehicle and drove away, but Walmart surveillance cameras recorded his speedy exit, police said.

Investigators later arrested Montavis Dixon, 25, as a suspect in the case, officials said.

Dixon is accused of eavesdropping on men as they used the restroom at a Walmart on North Expressway in Griffin, officials said. The town is about 45 miles northwest of Macon.

“Several witnesses gave statements regarding a suspicious male in the men’s bathroom taking photographs of other males over and under the stalls in the bathroom,” police said…


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