Zoom loses half of it's market value from its peak as revenue slowed and people return back to their normal lives

Tech Startups

Shares of Zoom in free-fall after the video conferencing company warned investors of a revenue slowdown. Zoom shares tumbled to 17-month lows on Tuesday after the video conferencing platform posted its slowest quarterly revenue growth in recent years.

Once the darlings of investors amid the 2020 pandemic when its stock was trading at $444.51, Zoom stock is now trading below $200 as of the time of writing. Zoom became popular during the pandemic as governments around the world placed millions of people on lockdown and forced them to stay in their homes. With nowhere else to go, millions turned to Zoom’s conference technology in order to keep up with school, work, or socializing.

Thanks to vaccines, people have now returned back to their normal lives. Tired of staring at the computer screen for hours, most people probably don’t want to have anything to do with Zoom again unless it’s unavoidable. The change has a big impact on Zoom’s bottom line and the…


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