Bride and groom pose in coffins and do 'fake cremation' in morbid wedding shoot

A young couple’s ‘spooky relationship’ has gone viral after they posed inside a coffin for a morbid funeral themed pre-wedding shoot.

The photo series from 32-year-old Thai graphics designer Nonts Kongchaw and the female partner was shared tens of thousands of times last Thursday after stunning Facebook users with the macabre take on traditional nuptial photographs.

In the sensational images Nonts can be seen wearing a silver suit in various scenes in a graveyard alongside his partner, who is wearing a long white wedding dress.

One of the images shows the pair leaning against a column tombstone behind a sign that simply reads: “Marry Me.”

A more daring pose has the gothic-inlfuenced pair laying down inside a coffin while the woman draws a silk covering over Nonts, who is clutching a bouquet, while another sees her visit him as he is cremated.

The provocative stunt has whipped up quite a stir among netizens in Thailand, with many seeing the photographs as disrespectful, and others saying they would lead to a curse being placed upon the marital bond.


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