Dentist ‘murdered wife’ while couple killed animals on African hunt to ‘get insurance’

Dentist ‘murdered wife’ while couple killed animals on African hunt to ‘get insurance’

A husband has been accused of murdering his wife on an African safari hunt more than five years years ago to collect insurance money.

Bianca Finizio Rudolph died after being blasted at close range in the chest with a shotgun having travelled to Zambia “to kill a leopard” in 2016.

Now her husband Lawrence Rudolph, 67, is accused of murdering her in a bid to gain millions of dollars in life insurance money, it has been claimed.

Lawrence Rudolph, who is a dentist in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, told Zambian police that his wife had died accidentally after trying to put the shotgun back into its case without realising it was still loaded.

According to court papers filed in the US this week, Rudolph contacted the local US consulate shortly after his wife’s death and told them he was keen to have his wife’s body cremated as soon as possible.

He has now been charged with foreign murder and mail fraud, officials said.

A consulate official told the FBI after speaking to Rudolph that he had “a bad feeling about the situation, which he thought was “moving too quickly”.

The official told investigators that Mrs Rudolph appeared to have been shot in the heart from – in his estimation – between six an eight feet away.

He took some photographs of Mrs Rudolph’s wound, which apparently made the suspect “livid,” reports the New York Post.

Those photos were later shown to the Colorado Medical Examiner, who stated: “In my opinion, it would be physically impossible to accidentally fire this shotgun in its carrying case and produce the [injury] noted on the body of Ms. Rudolph”.

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