UK Newspaper Covers: 14 January 2022

UK Newspaper Covers: 14 January 2022

Daily Mirror

Downing Street staff held two parties the night before Prince Philip’s funeral, claims the Daily Mirror.


The monarch has “banished her favourite son” from royal life to limit further damage from sexual assault allegations, reports the i.

Daily Star

The Daily Star splashes on the news the Queen has stripped her son of his royal and military titles.

The Independent

The Duke of York will now defend his civil sexual abuse case as a “private citizen” after the Queen removed his military titles and royal patronages, writes The Independent.

Daily Mail

Prince Charles is said to have “demanded” Andrew’s exile from the Royal Family over his US sex case, reports the Daily Mail.

The Times

The Times leads with the news the Duke of York has lost his honorary military roles and royal patronages after a face-to-face meeting with the Queen on Thursday.

Daily Express

The Queen has “cast Andrew adrift for the sake of the monarchy”, reports the Daily Express.

The Guardian

 The Guardian splashes on the Queen seeking to distance herself from Prince Andrew, stripping him of his military and royal roles.

The Daily Telegraph

 The Duke of York has been “exiled” from royal life, as he loses all patronages, military roles, and his HRH title leads the Daily Telegraph.

The Sun

Prince Andrew had his royal and military titles taken away after being summoned to Windsor Castle, reports The Sun.

Financial Times

Russia has said talks with the US and Nato in Geneva and Brussels have failed to address its security grievances, reports the Financial Times.


The Metro reports Prince Andrew has been “booted out of the Royal Family” as it distances itself from the scandal of his sexual assault lawsuit in the US.

This article originally appeared in Sky News


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