Ashling Murphy: 'Only something powerful can come out of this'


Fr Michael Meade pauses after being asked what his message will be to mourners at the funeral of young teacher Ashling Murphy, who was murdered in County Offaly five days ago.

“Be courageous,” he replies, after a brief moment.

“Don’t be afraid to speak up, and do not be afraid to continue living as we are called to live, showing respect for all people.”

The parish priest of Kilcormac, in rural County Offaly in the Republic of Ireland, will be the celebrant at Ms Murphy’s funeral Mass on Tuesday, at St Brigid’s Church, Mountbolus.

“Everybody [in the local community] speaks about it with shock and horror, but they are coping very well together,” he tells BBC News NI.

“There is a great community spirit here and it is a real example of how we are called to live, to care for each other as best we can and that has been given physical evidence.”


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