COVID-19 inquiry to focus on pandemic's impact on mental health, children and young people

The COVID-19 inquiry will now examine the impact of the pandemic on mental health, and on children and young people, it has been confirmed.

The terms of reference, which set out the scope of the inquiry, fall within the already established main topics of the inquiry – to examine the response to the pandemic and its impact in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and produce a factual narrative account of what happened.

It also plans to identify the lessons that can be learned so it can be used to help prepare for future pandemics.

Chairwoman Baroness Heather Hallett also recommended that the terms of reference be reframed “to put inequalities at its forefront so that investigation into the unequal impacts of the pandemic runs through the whole inquiry”.

She said in a written update to the Prime Minister on Thursday: “The unequal impact of the pandemic was a theme that came through strongly in responses to the consultation.

“I am therefore recommending…


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