I get paid to break into millionaire mansions, ambush guards & ‘kill’ VIPs – here’s 5 tips to avoid raids at YOUR home

AN ex special forces operative has revealed how he gets paid to break into millionaire’s mansions, ambush armed guards, scale walls and attempt to “kill” VIPs.

In an exclusive interview, Guillaume Vetier, 38, told The Sun how he is employed by wealthy clients to test every possible way to infiltrate their properties or security circles – and attack them.

His team are nearly all ex special forces personnel with a high level of close combat training and field experience, which they use to evade some of the best alarms systems and security guards in the world.

They then use fake paint bullets and marker pen “knives” to simulate an attack on their clients to show just how close an intruder could have got.

Guillaume, who is CEO of his firm Golem Protection as well as taking part in field missions, said: “Nearly all of our team is ex special forces.

“Our job before was to get people for real.”

“So our job before was to get people for real. And now we are protecting people. So we are coming from the opposite side of the fence.

“A few people do penetration testing like this but we are the only ones in the world who are actually testing the protection team. No one else is doing it.

“Our clients are usually dignitaries, high profile business people or wealthy VIPs from all over the world.


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