Russian soldier brags about murdering civilians in phone call to wife

Russian soldier has been heard bragging about killing Ukrainian civilians to his wife at home in a phone call intercepted by Kyiv‘s security services.

Russian forces have been accused of carrying out numerous war crimes since Putin ordered his troops into Uk.

In the audio recording of the phone call, shared on Friday, a man identified as a Russian soldier can be heard speaking to his wife.

He is heard making shocking confessions, saying that he has killed several civilians.

He brags to his wife about shooting people in the head in a trench, despite them begging him to spare them. His disturbed wife asks how they can possibly go back to living together after he has told her of his actions.

The recording appears to begin in the middle of the couple’s conversation, during which the man is heard – initially reluctantly – telling his wife about civilians he has killed, before he becomes more confident in his confessions.


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