Jan. 6 hearings an ‘abomination to the American system:’ Mark Levin

Jan. 6 hearings an ‘abomination to the American system:’ Mark Levin

“Life, Liberty & Levin” host Mark Levin slammed the Jan. 6 “sham” hearings on his show over the weekend, calling it an “abomination” to the U.S. political system driven by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her party’s hatred of former President Donald Trump.

MARK LEVIN: This is a sham. This will go down in history as a dark mark on the American political system. We can’t see it now, [but] the mob is in control, the mob runs the media, the propaganda is full-throated, you can’t see it now but history has a way of sobering events. And we will see this one day as the outrageous attack on our system, on the prior president, on scores of people that it truly is. It’s an abomination to the American system, not just of justice but our congressional and representative system.

Absolutely appalling. This is outrageous. This committee is made up of all Democrats. I know, they keep talking about two Republicans, these are figureheads. They’re never-Trumpers. In fact, they are the most zealous on the committee, Cheney and Kinzinger, because they are on the outs with their own party and they’re trying to even the score. There’s no way possible a committee structured like this with every person appointed by the Speaker of the House… because of their loyalty either to her or their hate for the prior president, Donald Trump – there’s no way that we can get to the truth under this committee.


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