Swimmer's coach leaps to save her life after she fainted in pool at World Championships

Incredible moment swimmer’s coach leaps into the pool to save her life after she FAINTED in the water at the world championships – and lifeguards at the event ‘weren’t doing anything’

American swimmer Anita Alvarez is lucky to be alive after she fainted while competing at the World Championships and had to be rescued by her coach in stunning scenes on Thursday.

The synchronised swimmer was competing in the final of the women’s solo free event when she fell unconscious and sank to the bottom of the pool in Budapest.

Her coach Andrea Fuentes leapt into the water and dragged her back to safety with the help of an unnamed man.

‘It was a big scare. I had to jump in because the lifeguards weren’t doing it,’ Fuentes said afterwards.

‘I was scared because I saw she wasn’t breathing, but now she is doing very well. Anita is doing much better.’

The American swim team was visibly distressed by the horrific incident and were seen consoling each other by the pool afterwards.

It’s not the first time Alvarez has passed out in the pool.

Last year the 25-year-old fainted during an Olympics qualifying event in Barcelona, where she was also rescued by Fuentes. 

‘Unfortunately I’ve seen it happen to her before – never in competition, though,’ Alvarez’s mother Karen said at the time.

‘I knew right away. On their last element, I could tell something was up. It was hard to watch, definitely.’ 

Alvarez finished seventh in the event, which was won by Japan’s Yukiko Inui. 

Most synchronised swimming routines require athletes to hold their breath for no more than one minute at a time.


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