It’s good to wait for one’s time

By Fola Ojo

These life lessons and towering truths I learned over a long stretch of many years. And same I teach anyone whose heart is open to the wisdom. It is futile running somebody else’s race. It is foolish to stray off your life’s lane. It is sheepish competing with people as you try to get ahead and hit success in life. It is crass ignorance to measure your success with your friends or loved ones because our paths in life are different; so are our destinations. These lessons ought to teach us all not to veer to the right or to the left as we pursue our dreams. Even if you have to wait for a while for its flowers to blossom in beauty; like a tick, you must stick with an endeavour you have chosen to embark on in life.

Recorded successes of people in your orbit are great trampolines of inspiration and motivations to get you to work hard and believe that tomorrow will be better than today. This doesn’t mean you have to be like those people. Two people cannot have the exact same palm lines. Like fingerprints, they are different. It is why you must stay strong with your vision and focus on your craft without desiring to be like somebody else whose time has come by divine mandate. Learn to wait for your time. Your turn for a turnaround will only come in time. Doing anything contrary is a jejune effort in otiosity.

We all have peculiar life stories to tell. In my own case, things often come to me late in life. Answers to my many prayers come dragging their feet. Over some years of ignorance, I questioned God why He designed it that way. It was a few months before I turned 40 years old when God made me a father. Many of my friends had had two or three children in their twenties and early thirties. A harrowing season of life it was for me. But when the windows of heaven were opened, the ugly season became a beautiful one. My joy was abundant! Other things I had waited for came through around the same season. And since then, God has not held back His hands of blessings. Although untoward events of life have drilled and tutored me to wait for my time, things I desire always ultimately come. It is good to wait for your time.

Many years ago, a friend of mine lost a pivotal election in a US Midwestern State. The more he tried, the more the rainbow of failures constantly straddled and beamed on his path. After a few swings, he decided to give it all up and face his career as a dentist. I frequently reminded him of the story of Abraham Lincoln, one of the most famous failures with a highly influential personality. Lincoln is probably the greatest example of persistently waiting for your time and turn. He lost eight US elections, twice failed in business and suffered a nervous breakdown. But in 1860, he became the President of the United States. 10 years after my friend had tried to win an election, he pulled it through eventually when his time had come. This should encourage somebody who lost an election. If your heart is pure, your motives are right, and you also believe that God has called you to human services, the only thing you have lost is an accurate track of time. But don’t wave the white flag of surrender. Keep at it. And wait for your time that will surely come.

Our moves to reach the mountain top may be delayed. They’ll never be dashed against stones of destruction. When a man’s time comes, innumerable oppositions and behemoth adversaries cannot stop him. Why? The calendar of heaven cannot be changed by the manipulating hands of human beings. The maker of heaven and earth is also the maker of humans’ schedules. He is the creator of time. He makes all things beautiful in His own time by His fighting fingers. He will come through and it will be like a dream.

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