PM shamed into disciplining close ally accused of groping

Pincher: the name sounds like a character from a Jeffrey Archer novel or the TV drama House of Cards.

There have also been, inevitably, some wry smiles and giggles among MPs about the former deputy chief whip’s unusual surname and the groping allegations against him.

But in all seriousness, as Mr Pincher faces up to his humiliation, the reality is that Boris Johnson has been shamed into disciplining a close ally after a clamour for action from senior Tory MPs, led by two female former ministers.

Politics Hub: Boris Johnson agrees to withdraw whip from Tory MP after ‘drunken groping’ claims

We’ve grown used to spectacular U-turns by the prime minister. But the belated decision to withdraw the Tory whip from Mr Pincher after initial defiance was inevitable and predictable.

At noon, the PM’s spokesman denied that Mr Johnson had been warned about Mr Pincher’s conduct when he appointed him to the key post of deputy chief whip back in February.



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