Doctor Strange extra goes viral with hammed up background performance

The Doctor Strange extra who became a viral Marvel: White-haired background artist in latest Cumberbatch comic book blockbuster finally wins fame for animated performance spotted by online fans

  • The extra behind Benedict Cumberbatch in the Marvel flick caught the eye
  • Her distracting display was pointed out on Twitter by a bewildered viewer
  • The hammed up performance is the latest in a long line of notable extras
  • Other memorable scenes include a Back to the Future sequel and Casino Royale
  • Do you know the Doctor Strange extra? e-mail:

You’d have been forgiven that Benedict Cumberbatch‘s performance in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness would be the one which stands out in Marvel’s latest film.

But that was not the case as an extra in the movie stole the show in a clip which has surfaced on social media.


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