Brave woman reveals her story after damning report of Tavistock clinic

When it emerged this week that the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust was being ordered to close its gender identity service (GIDS), it was a particularly personal victory for one young woman. 

Indeed, as Keira Bell admits today, it felt as if David had finally slayed Goliath. Two years ago, Keira, now 25, stood on the steps of the High Court after winning her case against GIDS to stop children with gender dysphoria being prescribed puberty-halting drugs. 

Keira’s battle was based on her own horrifying experience. Aged 16 and, by her own admission, ‘very mentally ill’, Keira had been given the drugs by doctors at the controversial clinic to pause her own development before realising – six years later and after undergoing a double mastectomy – that it was a monumental mistake. 


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