Doctors demand NHS funds Covid drug to protect vulnerable patients who don't respond to vaccines

More than 100 doctors have written to the Government demanding that the NHS funds a Covid drug that protect vulnerable patients who don’t respond to the vaccines, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

They have been joined by 19 charities to pen a letter to Health Secretary Steve Barclay arguing that the medication is a matter of life or death for Britons with weakened immune systems, such as those with blood cancer or an organ transplant.

The move comes just days after the NHS spending watchdog said it will start evaluating the cost-effectiveness of the £800-a-dose treatment, called Evusheld.

Developed by Covid jab-maker AstraZeneca, it was approved by drug regulators in March after a study showed it reduced the risk of Covid infections by 80 per cent.

The drug stops Covid cells from binding to healthy cells, which is how it infects the body. Even if these vulnerable, so-called immuno-compromised, patients do get infected, they are 50 per cent less likely to be hospitalised and die if…


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