Myanmar junta charges Japanese journalist for encouraging dissent against military

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A Japanese journalist detained in Myanmar has been charged with breaching immigration law and encouraging dissent against the military, the junta said Thursday.

Toru Kubota, who was held while covering a protest in Yangon last week “has been charged under section 505 (a) and under immigration law 13-1”, the junta said in a statement.

505a — a law that criminalises encouraging dissent against the military and carries a maximum three-year jail term — has been widely used by the military in its crackdown on dissent.

Breaching immigration law 13-1 carries a maximum of two years’ imprisonment.

Film-maker Kubota, 26, was detained last Saturday near an anti-government rally in Yangon along with two Myanmar citizens.

He is the fifth foreign journalist detained in Myanmar after US citizens Nathan Maung and Danny Fenster and freelancers Robert…


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