This is the phase of the pandemic where life returns to noormal


It is not news that applies to the elderly, immunodeficient, or people with specific comorbidities. The vulnerable have a far more serious risk profile that calls for vigilant exposure protection strategies. They must be protected.

But current science supports a much more relaxed policy and risk-tolerant environment, free of most mandates and shaming. We can expect to see progressively less testing, quarantine and isolation as people and institutions recognize that the disruptive downsides of identifying cases in many circumstances far exceeds the benefit of containment measures. This is especially true when ongoing significant community transmission is inevitable and most infections are asymptomatic or mild. This was the rationale for the recent CDC order eliminating the testing requirement for international air passengers entrance into the U.S. We can expect more relaxation of similar mandates.

Information, societal trends and cultural norms are undercutting the opinion of experts and the media vanguard. This represents neither pandemic fatigue nor a willful disregard of facts. It’s a natural, messy transition phase supported by increasing knowledge, lived experience and better tools. We have been longing for light at the end of the tunnel since early 2020. If we squint hard enough we can now see it…


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